IBM eServer x3550
 Dual-Core Intel Xeon
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   IBM eServer x3650
 2x Dual-Core Intel Xeon
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   IBM eServer xSeries
 Intel Xeon Processors
 Fiber Attached Storage
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Elite Facility Managed Services provide an All-In-One comprehensive service designed to support enterprise mission critical IT environment. Because the systems and expertise required to build, deploy and operate are complex, Elite Facility is staffed with Certified and Experienced Engineers in order to meet these challenges. The following is Elite Facility's Managed Services Framework which has for primary objectives Customer Excellence, Reliability, Performance and Security of the hosted Systems.

Elite Facility understands that Customer Excellence is key to any outsourced business as it denotes the reliability of the service. Our staff is composed of committed professionals who have one only objective in mind which is to provide the highest quality support.
A 24/7 ticketing system is available at your fingertips to report any issues or to submit any request you may have. On top of this, our engineers are also automatically paged by our monitoring systems should there be any critical situation with the hosted environment which requires immediate attention.

>> Quality Assurance
All work performed by our staff follows specific processes based on our Change Management guidelines and depending on the tasks, these can be fully scripted. Each delivery is reviewed based on a sign-off protocol which includes specific line items to be assessed depending on the implemented task in order to guaranty a quality delivery and meet our customers' expectation.

>> Monitoring
Elite Facility employs enterprise class software and best practices in order to monitor its environment and safeguard its customers' valuable assets. This Monitoring capability addresses the following:
  • All core infrastructure components including, routers, switches and connectivity are monitored to ensure the integrity of the Hosted Environment
  • All server systems are monitored based on Microsoft Operations Manager which automatically triggers alerts to our Operations team should there be any critical event to be addressed
  • All server hardware are monitored based on IBM Director which also pages our Operations team when required
  • Through its Network Operations Center (NOC), the Equinix data center engineers consistently monitor Internet Connectivity, and also status and efficiency of HVAC, fire suppression system, power feed, and security systems.
>> Hardware administration
All hardware are mounted, installed and configured by our Engineering team. This process also includes any BIOS or firmware verification and required upgrade. Hardware and other critical infrastructure components are also closely monitored in order to identify, and address emerging issues and eradicate them before they can affect our customers and thus providing the highest possible uptime and performance. Elite Facility uses software such as IBM Director which provides for example a Preventive Failure Analysis at the drive level.

>> Software administration
Elite Facility also manages the installation of the Operating System and related System software. This includes testing, installing and deploying security patches, services pack, upgrades and revisions. We can also provide remote administrative and application management resources such as database administration and data migration.

>> Network administration
Elite Facility manages the provisioning, deployment, testing and ongoing management of all networking devices, including firewall, BGP routers, switches, VPN devices. These components were architected in order to provide you with 100% uptime.

>> Backup and recovery
At Elite Facility, we believe that having a well planned backup and recovery strategy is mandatory in order to protect your vital hosted data. With diversity of viruses and hacking techniques on the rise, having this backup and recovery capability will provide security to your business. Depending on the type of content to be backed up, our engineers will perform the required analysis and configure these backup jobs accordingly.
Our experienced engineers also test and verify that all backups have executed correctly and that your data is fully secured. Backups which experience any problems are immediately reviewed and addressed.
Elite Facility employs enterprise software to manage this process paired with our backup best practices

Network security vulnerabilities pose multi-billion dollar threats to corporations. At Elite Facility, we protect your valuable assets with the industry's most effective security tools and practice that are designed, built and maintained specifically for enterprise-class operations:

  • Infrastructure
    Security starts at the data center level and includes security posts, access control list and video surveillance system and biometric systems. Robust and redundant fire suppression, HVAC, power feeds are the base supporting the data center facility.
  • Network
    Elite Facility chose Cisco devices to power its Network and implemented best configuration practices and Cisco recommendation in order to harden the security revolving around these devices. For example, each customer environment is segregated within their own Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) in order to ensure complete privacy.
  • Security patching
    By constantly updating our systems and devices with the latest security patches, Elite Facility ensures operation with optimum conditions. All patches are updated based on a published maintenance window and for customer specific systems. If systems reboots are needed, this schedule would be planned in order to accommodate our customer's business uptime requirements.
  • Testing
    Before introducing any changes to the core production environment, Elite Facility performs the required testing of these changes in order to guaranty its stability and furthermore, the actual deployment follows a very strict Change Management process and guideline.

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